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Naam:Engelse graven bij de Michaelskerk
Adres:Dorpsplein Koudekerke


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730783- Elizabeth Cullen (1790-1805)
- Dorothy King (1769-1805)
In memory of Elizabeth Cullen died 5th June 1805 aged 14 years.
Dorothy King died 6th October 36 years
Removed from the East church in Flushing on the 21th April ao. Do. 1812 
730786- Ann Elizabeth Cullen (1807-1824) Sacred to the memory of Ann Elizabeth eldest daughter of James & M.I. Cullen who died 7 april 1824 aged 16 years.

Mourn not for me My parents dear,
I am not dead but sleeping here,
My debt is paid, my grave
You see, prepare yourselves to follow me. 
730787- Ann Willis (1774-1823) Ann Willis I.M.D. aged 49-10-21 died the 5th Decr. 1823
In honour of your vertues doen by James Hector 4 children dear
husband; children do not for me fir i am not lost but gone before. 
730788- William Phillips (1789-1821) To the memory of William Phillips who departed this life 28th November 1821 aged 32 years. 
730813- Thomas Holman (-)
- Mary Holman (-)
- Joseph Holman (-)
- John Holman (-)
- Betsey Minter (-)
- Richard Holman (1783-1843)
To the memory of Messr. Thomas Holman, Mary Holman, Richard Holman, Joseph Holman.
John Holman and Miss Betsey Minter whome expired at Flushing and were reinterred here on
27 april ao Do 1812. 
730818- Joseph Holman (1819-1825) Sacred to the memory of Joseph Holman son of Richard & Jane Holman who departed this life at Flushing on 30th September 1825 aged 6 years. 
762731- Mary Menter (-) To the memory of Mary daughter of John & Anne Menter who died .. of May .... 
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